Avigilon Introduces HD Multisensor Cameras Delivering Full Situational Awareness with Innovative Flexible Scene Coverage

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VANCOUVER, CANADA – April 15, 2015 – Avigilon Corporation (“Avigilon”) (TSX:AVO), a leading global provider of end-to-end security solutions, today introduced the HD Multisensor camera to its product portfolio. The HD Multisensor camera offers complete coverage of wide areas with the simultaneous ability to digitally zoom in on any movement that occurs within the field-of-view. The HD Multisensor provides the flexibility of having up to four cameras positioned at one location using a single Ethernet cable, housing and camera license, thereby reducing installation time and maintenance costs.

The HD Multisensor camera is designed with three or four individually configurable 3 megapixel camera heads, enabling users to easily monitor environments in high resolution image quality with multiple viewpoints from a single imaging platform. Maximum coverage with minimal blind spots means decreased investigation time and increased prosecution rates. The HD Multisensor’s multi-directional cameras cover even the most challenging angles within a 360-degree field-of-view.  Each of the three or four cameras can be positioned independently along three axes (roll, pitch, and rotation), exposing all areas that would otherwise be obscured.

“The HD Multisensor is addressing a growing need for multi-directional cameras with individually configurable fields-of-view,” said Avigilon’s Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Mahesh Saptharishi. "The HD Multisensor is easy to aim and provides flexible coverage, so you can focus less time on installation and more time on protecting your property."

Additional key features of the HD Multisensor include:

  • 12 MP (4 configurable heads) and 9 MP (3 configurable heads) imaging resolution –offers high resolution detail from four or three 3 MP configurable camera heads
  • 2.8 – 8.0 mm zoom lens – combines best-in-class resolving power with remote zoom and focus
  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) dual exposure technology – delivers outstanding clarity and detail detection in both dark and bright lighting conditions
  • Up to 20 frames per second rate – captures fast moving objects within full field-of-view with best-in-class speeds
  • HDSM™ technology – provides highest image quality with lowest impact on operating bandwidth and storage
  • Flexible mounting options – available in surface, pendant and in-ceiling for customized installation and durability in both indoor and outdoor environments, including buildings with multiple points of entry.

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